Our Team

Assembling a team capable of carrying out the required tasks is critical, to deliver the objectives with the awareness that there are other skills sets required than those of the founders, especially when moving from an idea and prototype to a commercially viable product.

The ActionSense team have exceptional experience in electronics, software development and manufacturing. They have vast experience in development and business including the clinical health and life sciences sector. They form the perfect combinations, which can bring the product to fruition.

Dr Joan Condell

Management (SRO) Senior Responsible Officer & CEO

Dr James Connolly

Non-Executive Director

Warren Young

Materials and Manufacturing Technical Advisor

Clinical Advisory Team

Clinical Advisory Team

Dr Joan Condell PhD MSc BSc, Computer Science Research Institute, School of Computing and Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Systems Research Centre. Joan is a Senior Lecturer at Ulster University, she has brought in over 2 million of funding to Ulster University and has over 280 publications.

Dr James Connolly PhD, BSc. Lecturer at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT), James is a full-time lecturer in LYIT and completed his PhD in Ulster University on the data glove project.

Warren Young BSc (Hons) has over 26 years’ experience in the Apparel industry focusing on technical and PPE products, specialising in sourcing and design of products. Warren is now working as a Consultant to the Apparel and fabrics industry and has a broad range of partner links.

The clinical advisory team is made up of consultant Rheumatologists and Cardiologists, who between them have vast experience in their specialist fields and combined have more than 60 publications to their name.