Our Story

How ActionSense Was Formed

Based in the historical city of Derry in Northern Ireland, ActionSense Ltd was established in 2015.

The Company has been established as a result of a strategic collaboration between academics, clinical specialists in Rheumatology and product development experts. The Company was formed as a spin-out of Ulster University.  The software technology was created and refined through PhD work at Ulster University.

Whilst the key stakeholders to our company come from a broad spectrum of specialities, what they all have in common is a drive and commitment to use 21st Century technologies to facilitate the measurement of joint stiffness and movement in patients with arthritic problems.

How the Clinical Need Came About

Our new data glove has been collaboratively developed with clinicians in the Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT). Clinicians discussed the need for an intelligent means of measuring and quantifying patient stiffness in their joints.

Software protection has been sought and a series of hardware gloves have been designed in parallel with both Tyndall Institute in Cork and WiSAR in Letterkenny.

Company Vision

The company’s vision is to produce cost-effective efficient sensor systems for the monitoring of exercise and rehabilitation of patients remotely at home.

Most arthritic patients suffer with pain, swelling and stiffness but current outcomes tend to focus on pain and swelling as opposed to stiffness. Where clinicians have sought to measure joint movement in arthritic patients, they continue to rely on manual goniometry. This however is widely seen as having fundamental deficiencies in terms of accuracy and the time taken.

We have therefore sought to bring to market a means of measuring joint stiffness and movement consisting of bespoke controlling software and proprietary wearable device technology.