Home Rehabilitation

The new ActionSense glove can be used in the clinic and at home to aid assessment and ongoing rehabilitation.

Predictive Measurement

Flare-ups are extremely painful but common symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Pain and stiffness occurs first thing in the morning. This makes pain assessment difficult to measure. The ActionSense glove can detect changes in joint mobility and flexibility caused by joint pain by using a prescribed series of simple exercise routines that the patient can complete at home. Results are immediately available by the clinician for analysis and further investigation.

If the ActionSense glove is being used as part of a daily routine the software can learn and monitor the abilities of each patient and following changes in the ability patterns can predict potential flare ups and request the patient to contact their pain clinic.

Exercise Routines

Studies have shown that regular physical activity is an important strategy for relieving pain and maintaining or improving function for people with Arthritic conditions. With the ActionSense glove goal setting and training regimes can be set by the individual patient or in conjunction with the clinician for daily exercise routines. These can be set to follow a basic daily routine or with the use of the intelligent software set to push the patient to strive for improvement, and know when to hold back if the patient is not responding. Again all this information is available to the clinician to monitor, respond and to be assured that the set goals are being followed, which will vastly improve their ability to respond with appropriate treatments.

The unique element with the ActionSense glove and its intelligent software is that it is not bespoke to any one particular ailment and can be used in novel ways across a variety of ailments which require measurement of finger movement or rehabilitation of the limb, such as post stoke rehabilitation, assessment of hand movement pre & post cardiovascular key hole surgery and investigating tremors in patients with Parkinson’s.