Clinical Need

The Market Opportunity

There is currently NO product on the market which measures the level of joint movement to aid clinicians in assessing RA.

The ActionSense measurement solution offers massive potential benefits in terms of:

• Clinician timesavings.
• Speed and accuracy of diagnoses.
• Remote rehabilitation and analysis.


Cost of treating RA & OA in the UK


People affected worldwide by Rheumatoid arthritis


People affected in USA by Osteoarthritis

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ActionSense Data Glove

The new ActionSense Data Glove combines latest sensor technology with an intelligent software system. The system provides many benefits to the clinician and patient:
• Objective measurement of ambulatory stiffness reduces dependence on patient memory.
• Clinician is provided with accurate information for better and targeted care proposals.
• Less time is required for patient analysis which enhances patient care through increased clinician-patient interaction.
• Problems of traditional inter-tester and intra-tester reliability of finger joint measurement are no longer an issue since      each data glove measurement is objective and therefore independently recorded and analysed without intervention by  clinical staff.