Ground Breaking Solution

ActionSense has been established as a result of a strategic collaboration between academics, Rheumatology specialists and product development experts. We have designed and developed a totally new wearable system that can detect and measure joint stiffness.

The ActionSense measurement solution offers many benefits in terms of clinician time-savings, speed and accuracy of diagnoses and remote rehabilitation and analysis.


ActionSense was co-founded by Joan Condell and James Connolly, research academics.


Saving clinicians time by aiding efficient assessment and recovery of patients at home.


Valuable data from the glove helps accurately diagnose the severity of the patient’s condition


Million people affected worldwide by Rheumatoid arthritis


Billion cost of treating RA & OA in the UK


Million people affected in USA by Osteoarthritis

Action for Arthritis

On this momentous day in the history of arthritis, our message to the healthcare community is to be brave and bold. It is time for policymakers at all levels to pull their heads from the sand and address arthritis as a priority. It is time for a step change in the way we view arthritis, time to give people living in pain a voice, and importantly, time to listen to what they have to say.

Interestingly, around half of our survey respondents felt that they needed to take charge of self-managing their condition because the NHS is over-stretched. This only reinforces the very reason Arthritis Action was born: to help people with arthritis better manage their condition and endure less pain. Today, Arthritis Action is lending its support to World Arthritis Day and calls on health communities everywhere to prioritise arthritis and empower people to take control of their lives, manage their condition and reduce the need for medical intervention.

Clinical Need

Around one in seven people in the UK live with arthritis, costing the NHS £5 billion a year. Arthritis Action and other organisations have been calling on policymakers to prioritise arthritis.

Source: House of Commons Debate Pack, October 2016

Find out how the ActionSense data glove aids patients and clinicians in diagnosis and treatment of arthritic conditions.